Yee-Haw Poster Documentary by Aggrodesign

In 2011, we traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee to work with Yee-Haw Industries on a set of 10 letterpress posters.

View the finished posters at

Client: Jack Daniels
Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Group Creative Director: Wade Devers
Art Director: Travis Robertson
Copywriter: Bryan Karr
DP: Paper Fortress
Music: Matt Morelock

“Linotype: The Film” Official Trailer

Director & Editor: Douglas Wilson
Director of Photography: Brandon Goodwin
Audio & Sound Design: Jess Heugel
Music: Cornbelt Chorus “Drunk Hymn & Interlude”

“Up there”

“Up there” film, meravellós documental sobre el treball dels pintors d’anuncis a les façanes.

Concept: Mother NY; Production Co: Mekanism; Director/DP/Editor: Malcolm Murray; Music by The Album Leaf; Painters: Colossal Media/Sky High Murals/Bob Middleton; Presented by Stella Artois



letterpress impremta amb tipus de fusta de la dissenyadora novaiorquesa Naomie Ross